i lost my best friend because he sexually assaulted me. i’ve been dealing with it for months now and it’s one of the main reasons i have this tumblr. i couldn’t write about it on my other account because i didn’t feel comfortable knowing that people i personally know would also know. i feel better knowing that i can write what i’ve desired to write for a while and not have to be ambiguous about it like i’ve done on numerous posts on my old account. i’m at much more at peace now—i’m not crying anymore, i don’t feel empty and lost, and i have a new start ahead of me in a few days. i’m still sad that this was my best friend and i’m not even sure if he realizes what he’s done. but i have enough to move on with life and i’m content with that

if there’s anything i realized in the past few days, it’s 
1. i suck at packing 
2. last minute shopping creates high tension in the family


has this been done.. or?


fall is almost here guys


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holy shit, man this dude will not leave me alone. an awkward… moment occurred quite recently in which i was uncomfortable with his physical advances and made that clear.

now he just won’t let it go and wants to talk about this further when there’s nothing to goddamn talk about.